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"Recording was just fun for Stanhope . . . "

- The Advocate & Greenwich Time, May 29, 1998

"His songs rail whimsically against Yuppiedom, materialism and cultural deprivation . . ."

- The Danbury News-Times, January 2, 1997

"A back-porch humorist with a 12-string guitar . . ."

- The Danbury News-Times, January 2, 1996

"Stanhope is a singer, songwriter and guitarist with a point."

- The Danbury News-Times, October 10, 1994

"Bob Stanhope is funny not just till noon."

- The Danbury News-Times, September 16, 1994

"Bob Stanhope 'has the music in him.'"

- The Reporter Dispatch, April 13, 1994

"An electric mix of contemporary and original folk music."

- The Litchfield County Times, December 4, 1993

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About Bob & Cornerstone

"I recommend them highly."

- Tom Rucktenwald - Connecticut Christian Artists Alliance

"We have to invite them back."

- Jim Albano - The Community Coffeehouse, Danbury, CT

"Good use of practical lyrics...they connect...well rehearsed."

- Evaluation Committee - Mosaic Ministry, NY

"Quality music and hard hitting lyrics, all mixed with humor."

- Rev. Jim Wickstead - Valley Bible Fellowship, NY

"Deft Harmonies."

- Roy Ellingsen - Bedfor Community Church, NY

"The audience loved him. They really ate it up."

- Mitch Katz - Treestar Coffeehouse, NY

"Probably the most entertaining and will liked performer in the area."

- Don Kraus - Peacefull Warrior Productions, NY

"The master of the weird and wonderful...makes us laugh and makes us think."

- Doug & Billie Truitt - Wintonbury Coffeehouse, CT

"Ever entertaining...has a real knack for a funny song."

- Kevin Becker - Hudson Valley Folk Guild Newsletter

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